Monday, August 08, 2005

Shameless Promotion 3: John in a Nutshell

I am a software development expert who can contribute directly to successful application development, and also make broader contributions to an organization's success:

  • I know how to develop software with maximum value for any timeframe and budget.
  • I am a versatile professional who can fulfill many roles... roles often requiring several resources.
  • I am a highly productive contributor, I can get solutions done quickly.
I have top notch software development skills--coding expertise in Java and experience in C, Perl, VB, and Ruby; architecture, analysis, and design skills; and competence with a host of acronyms (UML, J2EE, SOAP, SQL, TDD, Ajax etc.)

Hands-on development is my foundation, but I have also worked hard to hone strong business skills: I have an MBA, several years of line and technical project management experience, and polished communication skills. I have led technical teams of 10 people, departments of around 20, and have countless hours interacting with Clients at all levels.

Encompassing both my technical and business skill sets is an overarching expertise in software development. This expertise is what enables me to deliver maximum value for any timeframe and budget. My unique combination of skills allows me to add strategic thinking and decision-making on top of a concrete, in-depth understanding of technology. This combination is also what enables me to fulfill so many roles; from developer to architect to resource manager and more.

My Resume and generic Cover Letter describe my skills in much more detail.

In terms of full-time positions, my mix of skills probably best matches a Principal Engineer, Architect, or Lead role with a small software company or consultancy. I am also very open to freelance work, where I can deliver on projects of all sizes. On top of software design and development, I can fulfill many of the crucial needs of a successful project:
Planning, staffing, defining team structure and roles, scoping, defining development process and tools, prototyping, and architecture.

As a consultant, I must always keep an eye out for the next gig. I'd love to discuss potential opportunities, whether in the planning stage or thereafter, Lead, freelancer, or other key role. If you are interested in someone like me, drop me a line.

- John Troxel

Denver, Colorado

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