Friday, September 23, 2005

The Main Things for Software Projects

The preceding is a summary slide from a deck I am using to clarify my own approach to methodology. It is a synthesis of recommendations from the CHAOS report, Alistair Cockburn, and my own experience.
Essentially, I mapped out the lists of "main things," or critical success factors, provided by CHAOS and Mr. Cockburn, and also made my own list. Then I went through an exercise of correlating and consolidating. This is where I ended up.
I think this checklist provides a concise, strategic guide for improving a project's chance of success. More useful still would be individual guides that provide tactical guidance for each of these, probably mapped against key project variables (like Alistair's team size and safety). I'll get right on this in my free time.
I also think it would be interesting to check this list against other similar lists from other modern methodologies like RUP, XP, etc. Rhythm, presented to the DJUG by Brian Boelsterli, looks like an interesting framework that might also have similar factors to consider.

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